Player Profile: Derek Carr

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Published on: January 22, 2014

Player:  Derek Carr

School:  Fresno State

Year:  Senior

Career CAA:  35.1

Predicted 4-year NFL Passer Rating:  75.3

Predicted 4-year ANY/A:  4.9

The Senior Bowl is just now wrapping up, and by all accounts Derek Carr was the quarterback that everyone came away impressed with.  Certainly there were some detractors, but it seems like overall, everyone had much more positive things to say about Carr than they said about any of the other quarterbacks in the mix.

But then there are always whispers and rumors out there.  One person compared Carr to Christian Ponder.  They meant it to be a frowny face sort of thing.  I would say that’s a better comparison than most people think, but then again I don’t get to be an arbiter of Ponder opinions.

So, what do we think about Derek Carr?  In a word, meh.  At least for the first four years he’ll be okay but not going to set the world on fire.  This is actually going to be a theme as we advance through the player profiles.  So much hype is surrounding the current class of quarterbacks and almost to a man the model shrugs at them and says “Yeah I guess.”  So that’s what I think will happen to Derek Carr.  I guess it could happen.  I wouldn’t expect him to set the world on fire though.

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Cool story, bro

Do you draft him?

Much like Manziel, probably not where he’s going to go.

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