Final NFL Pre-Season Projections

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Published on: September 3, 2014

The NFL Season starts tomorrow.  As such, this will be my last revision of the preseason yardage projections.  To access the projections, either click on the link in the top banner or click on these links for


Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

A couple notes.

1)  Wes Welker is completely gone from these projections.  The news just came out that he’s out for 4 games due to some substance use, plus who knows how this concussion business will turn out.  Welker being gone actually helps Peyton Manning move into the top spot in yardage projections for quarterbacks.  Welker may be effective at getting you first downs, but he doesn’t do much for a quarterback’s YAC.  As such, we’re expecting Manning to get a few more yards with Welker out of the lineup than with him in.

2)  The Saints just resigned Robert Meachem (and surprisingly cut Ryan Griffin to do it).  Meachem has been a high quality receiver throughout his career, so his signing would be good news for Drew Brees.  He’s not on this list because there isn’t enough time to figure out where he finds a spot on the depth chart.  We will leave our conclusions about him to later in the season.

3) Very very very important to remember that the ability of this model to predict outsample date has not been validated.  We’re all going to be learning how this model does throughout the season.  Yay science.


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