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Published on: August 26, 2014

Nothing much new to report on the data front this week.  I updated the predictions for yardage totals recently.  The most important changes to the predictions are

1) Replace Sam Bradford with Shaun Hill as the Rams quarterback.  That change does not affect the predictions for the Rams receivers to a great degree.  My Twitter thoughts on the matter have not changed

What will change the predictions dramatically is getting some clarity as to who will get the lions share of the targets in St. Louis.  It seems as though the websites I access for information about depth charts have wildly different ideas about the Rams receiver depth chart.  This will probably update again before the season begins.

2)  Wes Welker completely removed.  I have no idea if Welker will come back or not.  The other day everything was “long-term health” and now today everything is “moving through the protocol.”  We’ll see, I guess.

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